September 13, 2010

Jesus got crucified yet again - Part (1)

Ganhar was rich not only by birth but by his virtues, deeds and vision too. His father was a King of a small kingdom which was surviving on his mercy.

The people of his kingdom wished and prayed for the death of their King and sometimes Ganhar also wished and prayed for the same. The sufferings and miseries of his fathers kingdom was unbearable for him too and he could not persuade his father to change his ways. Whenever he tried he was ridiculed by saying... THIS IS HOW KINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO BEHAVE.

Finally the day came when everyone's prayers were heard and a new King was announce: Ganhar The Great. He slowly and steadily rebuild his kingdom with love, peace, mercy and righteousness. In his kingdom nobody dared to do wrong. Everyone was treated at par with each other. People were happy and satisfied. The Kingdom became prosperous and the news of this spreaded worldwide. Some became happy to know that such a kingdom and a King, exists, while others became jealous that how come ???

Those who became jealous started plotting against Ganhar and his kingdom. They joined hands and the scheming process enhanced as how to grab this rich and prosperous Kingdom and over throw Ganhar...

In the meantime the people of Ganhar's kingdom decided to felicitate their king for being their protector and torch bearer. They decided to make offerings to him and allowed him to conquer and liberate other parts of the world which were deprived of happiness and justice. The people against him came to know about this and they found this as an opportunity to settle score with Ganhar. They made en rodes in Ganhar's Kingdom and influenced few people to support and help them.

The felicitation day came and everyone showered love, blessings and gifts over their King. They told him about their decision and requested him to help other people in other kingdoms too. Ganhar thought about it and decided to go for it. As here in his Kingdom everything was safe and sound and they could do without him but there were few who needed him. Hence he agreed to help and liberate those poor souls.

It was decided in the meeting that a team of few persons zoobi, doobi, moobi and thobi were to be given the authority and the power to take care of Ganhar's Kingdom in his absence. These were the people whom Ganhar trusted most and had faith in. He was happy on his seeing his team and satisfied too. So he left to liberate.

Satan began showing his true colours. This team of four started enjoying this sudden name, fame and power. So much so that they started believing that they can control anything and everything. They started feeling like GOD. They loved this new life of theirs so much that they didn't want this journey to end so they decided to form such a law which will enable Ganhar to come back. The law formed was that who so ever enters into the borders of this kingdom will have to save one animal before doing so. They also simultaneously passed another law stating that whosoever from outside comes in and kills a life will get death penalty.

Ganhar after fulfilling the desires and wishes of his people decided to come back HOME. The news reached the team of four and immediately they made a plan to capture Ganhar. They left for the border from where Ganhar was to enter into his Kingdom. On seeing Ganhar they pushed a cow in front of him and the entrance of the border was made so that at a time only one thing could pass and if two tried one of them was sure to fall in the below ditch and die. They also had placed 1000s of ants on that entrance with sugar all over the path.

Anyways on seeing the cow coming towards him Ganhar immediately lied down and let the cow walk away without getting hurt or killed. In this process Ganhar forgot that he was lying over 1000s of ants who obviously got killed. On seeing this the team of four rushed towards their friend the King Ganhar and embraced him and cleaned him up and took him into his kingdom. This whole thing was being witnessed by few children , who after this left for their homes.

Ganhar was told that there were 2 laws which were passed by the majority of his people to ensure safety of animal life too, while he was away and on inquiring he was told about them.

Knowing his nature Ganhar called upon his people and narrated what all happened near the border and left to his people and his four friends to decide upon his fate and future.

The team came with the verdict... Ganhar had killed not 1, not 2, not 3 but 1000s of Ants hence as per the the law of land he deserves death penalty BUT he has saved a cow also so he deserves some mercy too, so WE DECIDE WITH THE POWER AND AUTHORITY ENTRUSTED ON US THAT YOU BE OUT CASTED, ONCE FOR ALL !!!

The children who had witnessed everything made a promise to make all four, taste their own medicine and the story continues...

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