February 1, 2013

Saheb, Biwi, Woh aur Secretary

Radha was a very simple girl but very beautiful and intelligent. She got her first job in a Consultancy Company, where one of the Board Member was Mr. Harry Singh. Harry Singh was very proficient when it came to delivering things. He was a successful man with riches but with looks, very average types. He had a smart wife, Madhubala and one son, Aryan, who was 3yr's old. From outside it seem a perfect happy family. Radha slowly and slowly became good friends with both Harry and his wife, due to her open nature and vice versa. Morning to Evening Radha used to be in her office working hard for increase of business and her own competency and after office she used to spend most of her time with Harry and Madhu at their home. Life was so good and moving on perfectly. The little kiddo also took a sudden liking to Radha and would insist her to sleep at his home during night, so that he could spend more and more time with his Radha aunty, who also loved him equally. Now even the nights were spent at Madhu's home. Time went on like this. Madhu and Radha became real close and Radha started trusting and loving her friend like anything. They would spend almost entire day together, shopping, eating, drinking, swimming etc. Madhu also went to attend Radhas cousins wedding with Aryan. They had a blast in the wedding and Radha's parents and other family members accepted Madhu as one of their own family member.

One fine day Radha was working in her office as usual, Harry comes to her and tells her that he is not feeling good so would she mind accompanying him to a restaurant for a cup of coffee. Radha agreed and they went to a nearby Coffee shop. There Harry with slight hesitation started discussing his woes. He said he was miserable with his married life as Madhu was not taking care of Aryan and him and his Home. He started weeping and didn’t know what to do. At first Radha was taken aback. NO way had she imagined something like this happening in this family. Yes she knew that at times Madhu was little careless and hyper with the kid and Harry and prefered to spend most of her time partying but other then this she never felt anything else was missing in their family life. Anyways she kept listening to Harry and promised him that she would talk about it to Madhu and would help in sorting out their problems.

Radha was very confused. She did not knew how to react to Harry's outburst in the Coffee Shop. She kept thinking again n again; will it be fine to interfere in her best friends married life? Will Madhu understand? Somehow after fighting with herself for long Radha decided to talk to Madhu about it. At least she was sure that by doing so she can convey it to her friend as to how her husband was feeling about her and their relationship.

Radha and Madhu were sitting in a bar and enjoying their evening as Harry had gone to Mumbai for some Conference. Radha slowly and slowly brought the issue up with Madhu. Madhu kept listening to her silently. She didnt react at all and in the end the only thing she said to Radha was, leave it, as it was her problem and she will settle it all by herself. Radha need not get involved in all this. Radha felt awkward but for her friend's sake and respecting her decision, she kept quite.

Radha realized that Madhu had suddenly started avoiding her. Also whenever Radha was with Harry and her ,she noticed Madhu felt uncomfortable. This started bothering Radha and she kept asking Madhu about it but she kept saying that its your illusion and nothing was wrong.

In the meantime Harry's business had started to grow and due to work pressure he appointed two Secretaries one for him and one for Radha. They both shared one room. Radha's Secretary Uma was a professional one with a very pleasing personality and Nalini,  Harry's Secretary was not that qualified and very average type. Radha wondered that why he hired her in the very first place, as he could have got a better and much professional one but he kept saying that she comes from a poor family and needs a job desperately to support her family,so he has hired her.This was his way of doing some charity

Radha also noticed that Harry had started making moves at her. He  told her one day openly that he has fallen in love with her and wants to marry her. This shook Radha completely. She could never ever imagine, first getting involved with a married man and that too husband of her best friend, NO WAY!!!

Radha liked Harry a lot as he had really helped her to grow in her career and was nice to her but that was only as a friend and not more then that. She told Harry that what he was thinking was not acceptable and she would never break her friends Home. She kept telling him to move on with Madhu and if possible seek professional help to save his family from breaking up but things started taking turn for worst. Harry would spend his whole time in office and whenever he had a chance he would fly off to Mumbai . He hardly spent anytime with his wife or kid. When he was in Moga he would express his love for Radha and make her feel more and more miserable. Radha didn’t know what to do. She was caught in a web. She was doing well in her job, so didn’t wanted to leave it because of someone's obsession for her. So she stay put and tactfully kept avoiding Harry. In the meantime Radha became friends with one French guy,Mark. She started dating him. This was not taken well by Harry. He felt jealous and tried everything to keep Radha and Mark away from each other. When Radha came to know about it she made it clear to Harry to stay out of it as it was none of his business and she continued to date Mark.

Madhu was by this time sure that her best friend Radha was having an affair with her husband. She became restless and her heart broke. She could never believe that the same girl for whom she did so much could be the reason for her breaking home. Madhu could not control her emotions and she started abusing, accusing and doing everything to harass Radha. She even complained about her to her parents but Radha's parents had full faith in their daughter so they brushed such accusations aside.Madhu tried everything to make Radha leave Moga but Radha did not budge.Radha knew Madhu was wrong and because of her misunderstanding she will not ruin her career

Madhu's and Radha's friendship broke. Madhu could not stand to see Radha again. Radha tried so many times to make her understand that she had nothing to do with Harry, that what she thought was not true, that she was her best friend and that she could never break her home but Madhu did not listen to her. She believed that her husband was involved with her. Radha kept wondering as to how this could happen. What has gone wrong where and what made Madhu think so ?. Unfortunately, Radha had no answer to her own queries.

Radha had to go to Delhi for some business Conference and when she came back she was told by Nalini that her Uma was fired by Harry. Radha was shocked to hear so and when she inquired about it form Harry he said it was true. Harry had fired her because she was found leaking important documents, out of office. Radha somehow could not bring herself to believe this. Uma was a very honest and sincere person, she could never do something like this. Radha felt sad for Uma but could do nothing for her. Radha kept asking Harry as to why he didn’t wait for her return before firing Uma but Harry tactfully gave security reasons for his decision. Radha just couldn’t bring herself to buy this theory.

Radha had no news of Mark. Since he left for France he had not called her. She got worried and after a month when Mark came to meet her in the office he seemed upset. Radha was damn happy to see him. Radha asked him what was wrong and why didn’t he contact her past one month and on this Mark shouted back at her.He said he had called everyday but only you were never in office. You were always out .Hearing this Radha was again taken back. She told Mark that  she never received his calls and whole month she was in her office only. He swore that he used to call everyday and Nalini used to tell him that you were not in office. Radha didn’t know what was happening. She made Mark believe that she was never told about his phone calls and it was Harry who was doing all this in order to keep them apart. They realized what Harry was up-to and why !

Radha noticed change in Nalini's attire and she also noticed that the girl who had hardly any income to support her family had gone ahead to buy a Scooty for herself. She confronted Harry about Nalini's behavior and her response to Mark but Harry brushed it aside, saying she is very simple and there must be some confusion.

Next day Nalini comes to Radha's office and asks her to give her the office credit card as she need it for some renewal. Radha finds it strange. She calls Harry and asks about it and he says yes the Bank wants it for some formalities. She unwillingly gives it to her.

On Sunday Harry invites entire staff for dinner to celebrate the success of one of the overseas projects and the venue was TAJ. Radha reaches there by 7'O clock and finds that only Harry was come. She inquires about others and Harry tells her that she is the only guest for tonight. She protests as to why he lied, to which he says, he wanted to talk to her alone. He again confesses his love for her and tells her that he cannot live without her. Radha scolds him and tells him clearly that she does not see him that way. For her he is only her best friends husband. On hearing this Harry leaves the venue in a huff.

Monday morning Radha is handed over a piece of paper by Nalini and when she reads it she almost faints. The letter is her termination letter. Radha has been terminated because she has been found leaking important documents from office. Radha could not believe what she was reading. She goes straight to Harry and asked what it is all about. Harry replies that he does not need her and company wants her out too. He tells her that that her time was up and if she wants she can go to Court to prove her innocence.

Radha is broken. She finds out that her bank account has been sealed,her Car has been taken away and she has been given a day's notice to vacate the Company house. Nalini comes to Radha and tells her that Harry has lodged a police complaint against her for misusing company funds and she should leave Moga ASAP. By this time Radha is dead scared and does not know what to do. She decides to leave immediately for her parents home. How she arranged for her tickets and everything was a miracle and somehow she leaves for her home. She had lost everything and she did not know WHY ?

After 12yrs, Radha gets a call on her cell from Nalini. Radha was surprised and she asks her, how she located her and Nalini tells her that Harry had given her this number. Nalini inquires about Radha and so on and she takes Radha again by surprise when she tells her that she and Harry are married for last 11yrs. Radha for a second felt numb but somehow she gathered her strength and asked about Madhu and Aryan. Nalini tells her that Madhu stays near there house and is alone. Nalini is now Mrs.Singh.

Now, everything fell in place. Harry and Nalini had played it very safe. All along they had this affair going on. Harry knew that Radha would never become his and also will never let him leave Madhu for Nalini. So he came up with a plan. He made Madhu believe that Radha and he was having an affair. This created rift between Radha and Madhu. He broke their friendship and made them enemies to the extent that they couldn’t stand each other anymore, then he removed everyone from Radha's path who could become a hurdle to him and finally he removed Radha by implicating her falsely. What a fool proof plan from a successful business-mind  ?

Radha laughed and laughed and laughed. She has been made a fool and all these years she kept wondering what her fault was? Why Harry treated her this way? Why Madhu became her enemy and why Uma was thrown out and above all why her career was screwed up ?

Radha realized that MONEY IS SEXIER THEN SEX. Had Harry had no money, well, he would still be Madhu's husband and Nalini would still be traveling by public transport and she would have been still friends with Madhu and enjoying her successful career at Moga.

Radha after knowing whole truth took a  pledge that one day she will make Harry and Nalini pay for their deeds. To support her, a very successful businessman of Moga has come forward and has offered  all the help that Radha requires to book them.

People like Harry and Nalini are a black spot on our society, who use everything in their power to destroy humanity, friendship, careers, home and what not of innocent people. They deserve to face the consequences of their wrong acts. Radha has something to look forward to and she is waiting eagerly for that day to come when culprits like Harry and Nalini will become example for our society.

Good news is that Radha has become friends with Madhu again !!!