October 23, 2010

Jesus got crucified yet again - Part (2)

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The children who were witness to the entire scene of how Ganhar was removed were feeling helpless and restless as they could do nothing in-spite of knowing the TRUTH. They were too young to convince their elders and people. Nobody took them seriously. Everyone thought these kids were playing jokes .Amongst these children there was one very sharp boy Sougam, he made a pledge that when he becomes independent in every way he will take it on with these self made Masters.


For this they appointed one mad man BULLI DAAND who had this illusion that he was superior then  the God and that he was the only saviour of humanity. He spread this rumour in every nook and corner of the Ganhar's kingdom. Seeing this others who hated Ganhar guts and thought were victimised by him also joined the fray in defaming Him. Morning evening loud speakers were out on roads and only one thing was recited... Ganhar the cheater, Ganhar the traitor, Ganhar the thief. EHSAAN FHARAMOSH TEAM the best, our saviour, our well wishers and our rulers.

On hearing such things Sougam's heart used to bleed but he could do nothing. Once when the BULLI DANDH was crossing his way with the loud speaker on Sougam threw a pebble at him and on seeing this this BULLI DANDH lost all control over his senses and went after Sougam. He thrashed him like anything and warned him that if he ever crosses his way again then he will tear him into pieces. Sougam was profusely bleeding; physically as well as spiritually. He looked around and saw his people looking at him with hands tied and mouth shut. They didn't had courage to save him from the wrath of this mad-man. All they could do was look at him. With this scene in eyes and mind, Sougam collapsed.
Ganhar wandered in the outskirts of another kingdom for some time and then he came across few men  who assured him about their support and shelter as they had heard a lot about his credibility and greatness. They took him to their kingdom and their KING made him his WAZIR.

In the meantime the EHSAAN FARAMOSH TEAM started showing their true colours. They started forcing people to pay taxes which they said were essential for prosperity. They brought in their friends and relatives in the palace and  enjoyed and relished every bit of hard work done by their people and Ganhar. Their friends and relatives were appointed at all official posts and they took decisions always favouring EHSAAN TEAM. 

They kept growing wealth wise, health wise and EGO WISE TOO. While as the kingdoms prosperity and growth slowly and slowly started declining. Anyone who raised objection was made to keep his mouth shut and the the BULLI DANDH was made to take care of such people. The situation started  becoming bad to worst. People were threatened not to oppose dictations issued by EHSAAN TEAM and if anyone raised his or her voice they were charge-sheeted and then punished.

In the kingdom of Ganhar it is all n' all the rule of DEVIL'S; thinking this is ever lasting and the story continues...

October 12, 2010

Being a female - You have to fight - Its men everywhere...

It is sad again. A bunch of egoistic people here, want to dictate their terms. Sound minded people on the other hand do not bow to it.
We started with a noble cause and a good work, which continued for a while. A well formed globally spread team, worked hard to establish a network between the neediest and the people who wanted to help.
We collected  quite a decent fund,few valuable lives got saved and lot many raised hopes . The work started gaining recognition but few of us started dreaming big out of it. Then comes the force implementation of crook practices, dictatorship and conspiracies.
The protesters  against this malpractice either left or were conspired against . I am one of them but I will not sit quite, I will face them off.
People have vested their hard earned money and trust in us. Each one us has equal right to ask what is happening in/to KMECT, why team members are leaving, where are the actual details about members, funds and expenses.
I will not ask and can not ask now you, to contribute again for KMECT till we get it clear and solved. My biggest limitation, I am not in country now but will be there soon. But yes the care for the needy and sick will always remain as a first priority.
What I expect from them now, is misuse of funds? Split of KMECT? Merger with other TRUST/SOCIAL/POLITICAL ORGANISATIONS or you will not hear from them till they digest everything we earned ?
I was the only female working in the TRUST Questioning time and time again, the malpractices of the Office Bearers and  in instead was maligned on the net, threatened, harassed, abused  so much so that I succumb to their pressures to quit KMECT but when I didn't buckle down, I was falsely charge sheeted and then removed from the TRUST which is illegal.
To remind them I am not on the side of the lame. I will take it to their spine. They will have to answer to the people who trusted them. They can assign as many people as they can and want (it is already happening though), to do my character assassination, to discuss about my personal life and my family life on public forums but they cannot get away with wrong, as NOW I WONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.