January 13, 2012

What will you name it ?

I came to Germany 4 years back and the moment I kept my foot down I fell in love with it. I found Germany so similar to my Homeland, Kashmir. There and then I decided to make it my second home. My resolution further strengthened when I met Germans first time. I found them so friendly and straightforward. Though with the language barrier initially made my settling down a little hard but with the help and support from my German landlord and neighbors our stay out here started becoming comfortable and we felt soon at home.

During these years I came across many Germans and really started admiring them for their openness, warmth, hard-work and love and respect for humanity. Considering their history, this was the great and a welcoming surprise for me. I personally never ever faced any problem what so ever. Hence me and my partner decided to stick with our decision of making it our second home.

However on 31st December, 2011 three of our friends had gone to Airport, a DISCOTHEQUE in Würzburg, Germany to celebrate NEW YEAR EVE but after 10mins security guards along with the Manageress of the Disc came to them and asked them to leave immediately. When they asked the reason they were told that THE GERMANS OVER HERE ARE NOT LIKING YOUR PRESENCE. They couldn't believe what they had heard but nevertheless without creating a scene they left. One of the guys who had just opened his beer bottle requested the security to let him finish his drink but even that was not allowed and before leaving the 3 of them were handed their money back. They were in total shock and could not actually believe that such a thing could happen in today's time .

When I heard about it even me for a minute could not believe that such a thing could have happened. I told my hubby that maybe your friends did something to receive this kind of treatment but when I personally discussed the incident with them I realized how wrong I was in judging them. There and then I decided to take it up and make sure such an incident never ever happens again in future with anyone. If I keep quite this time maybe tomorrow I may have to go through it. For my integrity and my self respect I decided to fight it out.

We lodged our complaint with the German Police, informed the German Press and got in touch with the local town council members. Who did their investigation and found that the Airport authorities accept this incident taking place inside the Disc but the reason they give is, that there were 3 Indians few days back in the disc who turned to be the pick-pocketers so the Disc staff thought that these Indians were the same pick-pocketers hence this kind of reaction. WHAT AN EYE WASH ?.

Anyways most amazing part for me after 31st December, 2011, was, that one of the victims who says he is son of a bureaucrat decided to chicken out for taking any legal action against the disc authorities saying that his bureaucratic father has told him that " tum 6 mahene ke liya gaye ho ,kyon pango mein pad rahe ho,chup chap beetho aur kaam khatam kar ke vapas aa jao". Believe me, on hearing such a statement from an Indian bureaucrat, was more shocking and sickening, then hearing the incident itself. No wonder Indian bureaucrats are sucking the NATION but thank God we have people like Anna who can make the difference.Also interesting is that none of the Indian living in Germany (we have many around us) till now has approached us with any form of support !!!

But one guy from these 3 people has nerves and is gutsy. He decided to take it up along with me and  promised that we will take it up till its logical end. I realized again that a common man can actually make it, if he or she wants to !!! Hats off to him.

We have got support from Newspapers, TV Channels and also form the Local Authorities and people, who all agree that what happened in AIRPORT was Racism and should not be tolerated any more. We have assurance (minus Indians here) of full cooperation from our all quarters and even financial and legal assistance.

Whether we emerge as winner's or not we don't know but I will have one satisfaction that I didn't keep quite and closed my eyes. We have sown seed and If not today but tomorrow it will surely make a difference and we will hopefully hear no more about the incidents like that of  Anuj Bidve, Nitin Garg, Pradeep Singh, AIRPORT and so on, where Racism played dirty.


RACISM in any form and in any part of world is not acceptable and we should stand up against it and say a big NO.

Link to article in regional press: Rauswurf aus der Disco: Verwechslung?