June 9, 2014

Mr. Modi be my HERO in real life too!

How I waited for the day to come when Narendra Damodardas Modi will lead my country India. Finally in-spite of all the hurdles n' hiccups, HE took oath on 26th of May as a Prime Minister of India. This was the day I for the first time ever since came to Germany wished I could be in India.

This man who has been held responsible for the killings of Minorities in Gujarat in 2002 by Indian Media and Politicians mainly from Congress defied all logical thinking and went to lead us and WITH WHAT - HIS VISION. This Man in-spite of been demonized for more then a decade kept cool like a cucumber and concentrated only on one thing. How to uplift Gujarat? It took him just first 5years of governance to prove to the Gujarat that he means Business. He changed the face of Indian Politics n' Politicians. He took Gujarat altogether to a different level so much that even his critics started praising him for his good governance. Form here, he went to lead his State for about 13 years and NOW he is leading 1.25 billion Indians. I hope the way he changed Gujarat he will do same with the entire country which is plagued by the corruption, no fear of Law n' Order, inflation, pollution, population explosion, electricity problems, poverty etc... 

I know changing all these is not easy and one days job BUT I also know if he focuses he will deliver and my belief is based on his past performance. It is not certainly not going to be a cake walk for him especially when his critics from all walks of life are waiting out there for him to pounce on him. It has not been even a month and they have started shouting. Then the happenings like killing of a Pune boy by some Hindu hardliners  adding as fodder to these critics. I hope they don't have many chances to hog on such issues and for this not to become a ritual Mr. Modi will have to play tough. He will have to control the hardliners even in his own party. India is a democratic country with Muslims as 2nd largest population and if he wants to be here for a long long time he will have to find a way to take them as well as every other Minority community along-with him. Just merely by saying "Sabh Ka Sath Sabh Ka Vikas" is not enough. He has to be constructive to win their hearts and minds and be fast with it. He will have remove the fear n' insecurity from the hearts of these people who have been fed with all wrong stories by the Media n' Opposition. He will once again have to prove all of them wrong only then will he really be able to enjoy his position in our Country.

The day he proves all his critics wrong again I will bow my head in reverence again and will shout on top of my voice that Mr. Modi you have become my real HERO. 

BUT if he fails, he will never ever raise again and my belief n' faith in him and in my convictions will also die forever. I will continue keeping my fingers crossed and praying that Mr. Modi  remains as my real life HERO till I am alive - Tatha-astu!