April 20, 2013

The guest we hosted...

In Kashmiri we say "koss tapayl ayam" which means what happened to me. Actually, I wanted to be holier than thou but it backfired and instead got kicked back on my butt.

I have heard people talking and writing about not trusting people whom you meet on Facebook; first time as lot of them may be fake and not safe to deal with. I could never imagine that I would one of the victims of the same.

Oh few weeks back, I had this fantastic guest at my place, who was very keen on coming to my place here in Germany since she was traveling here, reasons best known to her only? I came to know about her through Facebook only. She belongs to the community I belong to. She is as good as my granny and had showed keen interest in meeting & knowing about my social work hence I allowed her to visit me and my family here in Lohr.

Turned out to be a big mistake!
My husband went to pick her up at the railway station and he was welcomed with the opening statement, you are late! Then on his way, he was told that I have lot of laundry, I want to do it at your place at ease, hhmm.

The grand lady finally arrived for me to take a look at. She looked more then normal to me. She was walking with a stick as she had a problem with her knee which she disclosed only after sitting on my couch.

I looked out for my hubby and saw him carrying almost 70kg giant suitcase plus least 10 kg haversack. He told me that she is here to stay for a long so the luggage. The granny had also not done the return tickets further strengthening my hubby statement.

After making her comfortable the guest wanted to join me in my fitness studio; no, not for the workout but for Sauna. Since, I had to leave soon so I told my hubby to please bring her to our fitness studio after she takes some rest and I will join you there. My hubby had no choice but to wait for her. When she came I was already inside Sauna as she made her entry. After having the treatment we left for our home. Back at home I had already prepared Kashmiri cuisine for her since she had come for the first time at my place. After hosting dinner, I noticed that the wine was completed while as poor Dum Aloo were left out along-with salad and rice. Maybe my culinary skills didn't suit her.

Next day my guest wanted to go for swimming as she said she loves it and cannot stay without it. Ok we had to oblige, after all it was our guest's demand, how could we say NO. So, I took her to the indoor pool and when she went into the pool. Poor lifeguard came running and told her that please vacate the pool as she cannot swim. So, we had no choice but to leave.

Then we hosted our guest for dinner at one of the best restaurants in Lohr. She ordered food of her own choice and by the time we all finished her plate was still more then full. Maybe she didnt like the art of that restaurants Chef so the wastage.

Next day my hubby left for his official tour and I and my daughter were left alone with this guest. My daughter went to school and she n me were alone all of a sudden she had this band on her head and I got scared and asked her what is wrong? Pat comes the reply, "I have headache as I had kept my pullover here in my room n now it is missing and also my return ticket is not done. What shall I do ?". Nice! I looked everywhere but the pullover was not there and she made it look as if we have stolen it.

Next day I told her let us go for a city tour and she replied I have seen enough of Germany would sit back at home. Ok as your wish, my daughter started talking to her and the guest started getting annoyed with her. "Tam lower the noise of TV as I am on Facebook and cannot concentrate, Tam move a bit i want to sit here, Indu give me a glass of water n make black tea for me. Oh i have forgotten my slippers and towels, give them to me. I am sure you have many of them". Well I did what my guest ordered. Couldn't dare to say a bit, not taught in our families to be rude to our Guests!

Before coming to my place this guest of mine had told me that she would like to take the old clothes and things in good conditions from my daughter for children back at home, so I kept one full bag ready. When I told her she answered, "oh sorry but I don't have much space to carry these things". Later in the City Center our guests did a bag full of shopping.

In the meantime, she made our life miserable as if we had stolen her pullover. I even tried calling her regarding the same from fitness studio thinking that maybe when she was here she might have forgotten it there but the Honorable guest didn't even pick the phone. When I asked her "why she didn't", she answered, "oh I don't know how these landlines phones operate here". Did I tell you between my Guest was a Scientific Officer here at Bonn, Germany and knows how to do social networking.

I had decided not to keep her even for a day now and then I took her to the station and she did her return ticket and left. Yes I found her pullover at a the fitness studio only which she had herself forgotten and she took it with her.

I was happy and thanking God that she is gone (bla tal gaye). Pat comes sms, "Indu I have forgotten my personal diary at your place, post it to my German address".

Anyways my hubby obliged and sent it but unfortunately she did not receive it and since then she has been going crazy. Abusing me on public forums and where ever she gets a chance. She goes around telling people how bad a person I am and how loose my character is and what a goon I am and how I am scared that my man might bed her.

"Oh god kiss Shurppnakha see meri mulakat kara dee. Chale thee gandigiri karne aur badle mein paye Myangedaag (abuses)".

Moral of my story. Never invite anyone at your place whom you do not know personally and never give in to people who take you for a ride. They should be taught a good lesson so that people don't forget what HUMANITY is all about.